With the Transsiberian Train through Russia

Our first time being in Siberia, where we have a cooperation with the renown festival of star violinist Vadim Repin: The Trans-Siberian Art Festival. 

Our trip started in Novosibirsk where - we've learned that - is the geographical middle of Russia. In Novosibirsk we were welcomed by typical siberian temperatures. In this point it's not recommendable to arrive in spring clothes...but the warm siberian people who welcomed us helped us to forget the cold very quickly. The next day our first school concert started: TONALiSTs Friedrich Thiele and Mayumi Kanagawa did not only get a delicious lunch at their god schools, but also many small presents made by the students themselves. We can say (and yes, we have prooves): They simply fall in love with them. Thus they all came to the sold out concert which was sold out due to the good work of our art managers, in the Philharmony of Novosibirsk the next day. Directly after the concert we took the Transsiberian train and travelled over night to our next stop: Krasnoyarsk. 

Krasnoyarsk, a city with a very long history which we also could see on all the old buildings. Here, we've cooperated with institutes and universities. Our cellist Friedrich Thiele for example visited an Institue of Astronomy while our violinist Mayumi Kanagawa was welcomed by a traditional Russian dance performance. It was our greatest pleasure when Vadim Repin himself welcomed our musicians and listend to the successful concert at the Philharmony of Krasnoyarsk. 

After two hours of sleep the travel went on to beautiful Saint Petersburg where we've met TONALiST Christoph Heesch and wonderful musicians of the Mariinksy Theatre Orchestra. There the rehearsals started for the final concert in the Concert Hall of Mariinksy Theatre which took place during the Festival "German Week". This concert was sold out due to the impressive good work of the art managers of Saint Petersburg who sold 80 percent of the concert tickets in their schools. After a successful concert two winning schools who sold most of the tickets are going to visit Hamburg in November. Their god musicians who are Christoph Heesch and Friedrich Thiele will warmly welcomed them in Germany where the musicians returned after two weeks full of impressions, music and new inspiration. 

Thank you Russia for having us.