About us

“Being part of TONALi increases the chance of an international career.” (arte)

Who we are...
TONALiSTEN is the first non-profit artist agency in Germany. It was founded by TONALi, HarrisonParrott and the pianist Hanni Liang, and nurtures young musicians as well as reaching out to a young and alert classical audience. 

Something Completely Different

The TONALiSTEN model does not correlate with the conventional business one associated with an artist agency. Both parties – musicians and the agency – remain independent from one another. TONALiSTEN does not take commission from musician fees. Financing is achieved through donations to cultural stock which can be acquired by everyone.

How does it work?
Three main pillars sustain the work of TONALiSTEN: the agency backs the careers of young musicians who in turn bolster an audience of young listeners whilst these activities are supported by cultural stockholders. TONALiSTEN now cooperates with over 40 partners worldwide. Cultural stockholders such as musicians, foundations, promoters and other individuals finance the agency through investing in cultural stocks the return of which is cultural education. Thus, the ideational reserves allow the agency to work for its musicians without any need to take commission. These young talents are without doubt the best in Germany (the maximum age is 26) and see themselves as cultural and musical intermediaries, i.e. as creative spirits who change concert life in order to secure the future of the classical concert as an entity. The young players motivate school management teams to organize concerts themselves, given for their colleagues to an audience of young people. The knowhow and wherewithal is provided by the TONALi TOUR Project, which brings promoters, schools and artists into participative relationships.

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This has turned into a renowned festival in its own right. At the centre are concerts presented to young and alert audiences. This is concert institution that is entirely managed by young people. It also affords the chance for school administration teams to learn the basics of cultural management. 
To give just one example: A piano trio gives a chamber music concert. The festival identifies three good schools to host TONALi TOUR. Each musician involved gives a solo recital before the final concert of chamber music held at the end of the festival. Not the teachers, but the school management teams themselves invite young artists to give a concert – which includes spoken material – in their school. Through the TOUR Program, school managers will learn to take over artist management, promotion, marketing and realization of the event. Each school management team is responsible for garnering a concert audience from friends, family and colleagues, and remain totally in charge of a qualitatively high concert given by, organised by, and attended by young people. Thus, the concert hall audience remains young and the hall is full. The musicians involved can take a first step towards their young audience, and young listeners can make their own approach to the players. This is how a special bond is created, one that makes possible sustainable interest.

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