Become a cultural stockholder.
Make differences.  

Note how each young musician can operate more freely if he or she is supported at career outset. Provide encouragement. On behalf of art. Set new standards and support a future proof project within the field of cultural education. Open new perspectives for young and highly talented musicians, ones who inspire young listeners to become musical ambassadors. Become a cultural stockholder of the non-profit TONALiSTEN Agency. 

The Return: Cultural education
TONALiSTEN cultural stock is an ideational stock the only return of which is cultural education. Holders of TONALiSTEN stock support directly TONALi musicians. This creates young artistic excellence, social responsibility, and inspiration for young listeners of all kinds of ethnicity and social background around the world. 
Owners of this stock bring about change within the medium of the classical concert, help keep it alive, open up new cultural horizons, and ensure that TONALiSTEN works on a non profit basis free from usual commission structures. 

An agency that is supported only through donations is able to support artists in a freer way. These artists need to be socially committed at a young age and must be seen as the future stars of classical music.

Classic Passion
It is these young players who are in the position to initiate concerts organised in turn by trained school management teams and aimed at similarly youthful audiences. The successful TONALi TOUR endows requisite know how and wherewithal, drawing promoters, schools and artists into the participative process. TONALiSTEN nurtures both the careers of its youthful artists but also the young audiences themselves. 

The Cultural Stock
TONALiSTEN stock can be acquired starting from an annual contribution of €500. This contribution is in the form of a donation to the non-profit organisation TONALiSTEN. A donation receipt for tax purposes may be issued. Holders of TONALiSTEN stock will be named on the TONALiSTEN-Website at and will thus be designated as dedicated supporters of cultural education. Owners of cultural stock will receive a brochure containing personal information about our young musicians as well as an annual letter on the status of all TONALiSTEN activities.


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[Translate to Englisch:] Martin Grubinger: Photo by F. Broede
Vadim Gluzman Photo: Marco Borggreve